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SVR 31st July

From down by the river we saw 7802 heading south towards Arley, soon after 7812 headed north. Up at the station, 46443 plus 1 coach on Footplate Experience crossed with D821 s/b on the diesel turn. Final trains seen before heading home were 7802 n/b crossing with 5164 s/b.

Update 372. D821 on Footplate Experience & “Prince” inside The Engine House. 30/07/10

You may have noticed that I haven’t been taking so many photos at the SVR recently. It is not easy finding something that hasn’t been photographed before, so sometimes I just watch the trains go by. Occasionally I grab the camera at the last minute, as happened today when I noticed 43106 with a wreath on the smokebox, no doubt due to the sad news about John Leach yesterday.

Other photos show D821 on Footplate Experience & “Prince” on display in The Engine House.

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“Prince” dwarfed by his big brothers (or is it sisters?)

Update 371. 71000 Duke of Gloucester, on The Midland Tornado climbing the Lickey Incline. 26/07/10

Originally planned for 60163 “Tornado”, which currently has problems with some of the firebox stays, 71000 “Duke of Gloucester” was the replacement loco. The tour started in London, 71000 coming on at Gloucester and hauling the train back to London via Leicester & Bedford. The load was probably too heavy for a single steam loco and the Class 66 diesel at the rear was providing assistance as the train passed by, at quite a speed!

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No sun, but still looked good……

SVR 25th July

Usual routine, down by the river and saw 5164 s/b. At the station, 5764 was n/b and 46443 s/b on Footplate Experience. Then 7802 on the Limited n/b & 43106 s/b. We hung around drinking another cuppa and saw the Venturer  with 5164 heading north. After saying our “goodbyes” we headed home, but hadn’t got very far when I heard the sound of a diesel, racing back up the hill just in time to see the pair of 20s running light towards Highley. Never a dull day up the Valley!

44871 and 46233 at Crewe

A day trip to Crewe via Shrewsbury. 44871 was heading south with support coach for the Cambrian trains this summer and the West Coast 33 was bringing the stock from Carnforth. 44871 would then haul the train from Crewe with the 33 on the rear. 46233 was running from Butterley to Crewe with support coaches.
After seeing the trains at Crewe, I headed for Shrewsbury to see 44871 again.

Update 370. Ffestiniog Railway “Prince” at The Engine House, Severn Valley Railway. 21/07/10

When I arrived at Highley, 7714 had already been moved out of The Engine House and “Prince” was on a low-loader and would be unloaded later in the day. Only a couple of photos of  “Prince”, the others are of the service trains hauled by 4566, 5764 & 7812. Also seen are D3022 & 7714. Back at Kidderminster a couple of shots of Wrangaton Signal Box.

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Obviously this shot has to be of “Prince”

SVR 19th July

Made it to Bewdley by bus today, the plan was not to use a train – but that failed when the 240 did not run and I had to catch a train to Stourbridge, then the “dodger” down to the Town station. The new Whittle bus service from Stourbridge took me to Kidderminster, then another bus to Bewdley followed by a walk to the railway station. It’s much easier by train!

My train for Kidderminster arrived behind 7812, just as 5764 arrived at the other platform. I was back just in time to catch the last Whittle bus to Stourbridge, which left Kidderminster at 2.45. What an experience!