Videos – Day 2 of the Severn Valley Railway 2018 Diesel Gala 18/05/18

On the first day of the Gala at Kidderminster I was standing for about 7 hours as I filmed the trains, so on this day I wanted something more relaxing. With a couple of folding chairs, Andrew and I had an easy day as the trains rolled past, filming from about 10am through to some time after 4pm when the late running 15.49 off Kidderminster with 73136 passed. Heading back to the car we just managed to catch a glimpse of 56078 to finish off our day. There are two videos to cover the day, the first has 50031, 66726, 88010, D832, 55019, D9551, 50049, 33108, D1015 and 47712. The second has 37688, D9551, 47712, 50031, D821, 50049, 55019, 56078, 50035, 33108 and 73136. Oh well, just day 3 to do now, I didn’t bother with the mixed traction day, went for some miniatures instead.

Videos below, running time about 16 minutes each:-

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