“Old Rallies” Rushden Steam Rally, 4th May (2003)

Browsing through my photos for the “on this day” post, I’ve just come across the first steam rally photos for any of the years. I was only at the rally for a couple of hours, having watched a lot of Land Rovers on a run from Solihull to Gaydon earlier in the day. I took over 400 photos, not great quality, but I’ve chosen 12 for a bit of variety from the day. My knowledge of road vehicles is minimal, which explains lack of descriptions!
Photos below:-

The first photo is one from the Land Rover run near Solihull, the rest from the Rushden Rally.

A491RUM Land Rover 101 1984. 04/05/03

MVS864 Scammell Explorer. 04/05/03

NLE918 RT3028. 04/05/03

MMJ904 Leyland Comet 1954. 04/05/03

SJJ892. 04/05/03

AV1045 Fowler Showman conversion 1927. 04/05/03

HO5869 Fowler Ploughing Engine 1918. 04/05/03

OU4737 Fowler Road Roller 1930. 04/05/03

Q749RNV Miniature Sentinel steam waggon. 04/05/03

No idea on this one! 04/05/03

No idea on this one! 04/05/03

KBP291 Fordson tractor. 04/05/03

2 thoughts on ““Old Rallies” Rushden Steam Rally, 4th May (2003)

  1. Sharpo Post author

    I was very “snap happy” at rallies, took photos of just about everything – forgotten most of the rallies I went to but looking at the photos does bring back some pleasant memories.

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