Daily Archives: August 13, 2010

One of the few advantages of getting old, a bus pass!

Off the top of my head, I can’t think of any other advantages? Anyway, the car stayed at home today, as did the dog, so time was limited, but we allow ourselves up to 4 hours or so out.

A slight variation today, with only a 1-way trip on the SVR, but the rest was using our bus passes. After a walk to the station, a train to Stourbridge Junction & then the “dodger” down to the town, it was a bus all the way to Bewdley. To hop off at Kidderminster was cutting it fine, as the train departs at 11.40 – I did it the other day on my own, but this time Margaret was with me & the bus called at more stops and was running later.

The return journey to Kidderminster was behind 3802, then the bus, dodger & train back home. Well, we walked a couple of miles, used various forms of transport, and it only took just over 4 hours. I’ve done this type of journey before, but it was a “first” for Margaret.