Update 680. Day 2 of the Severn Valley Railway Autumn Gala, 22/09/12

Catching a train from Kidderminster, I was in Bewdley before the arrival of the goods train. After photographing that, the long trek down the Stourport Road for some sunny shots on the embankment by the Safari Park. The clouds started to form, but a couple of hours later they cleared and the light was perfect. I stayed there until the goods train passed by on the way to Kidderminster, then had to rush back to Bewdley for a train back to Kidderminster. At the main line station, there was a wait of about 15 minutes for my train, so had a few minutes spare to pop back to the SVR station to photograph the goods wagons.

Two choices for photos, the full album with 140 photos or the edited version with 33 photos. Take your pick

All 140 photos or edited version of 33 photos

I like side views of locos!

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