Daily Archives: January 22, 2018

30 locos in 28 minutes, Stafford freight videos, 10/01/18

A playlist of 4 videos showing the freights at Stafford. Unfortunately no 37, 68 or 86, but plenty of 66s, 90s, a couple of 70s and a 92. There is a photo of each loco in my gallery, giving a number and details of working. It means the videos run for 28 minutes, not 30 locos in “real time”, that was actually 6 hours!

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“On This Day” (years ago) Jan 22nd. 2015

Another date with very little choice, and only videos. The one I have chosen is a local one, from the days when I could use my bus pass to get “down the Junction” to see a Round Oak train. Unfortunately now it runs too early and I can’t get to see it, but it was fun while it lasted. I didn’t try and crop photos from earlier videos, just doing a screen print, but I have a better way of doing it now, although just a YouTube link here.

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