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Photos and video, 43106, 34027, 80072, 34053 Kidderminster, 09/12/17 -1

A sprinkling of snow made a change for the videos and photos today. I wasn’t able to get there until lunchtime but at least it was a drier day than the previous week.

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43106 will work a later train, Kidderminster 09/12/17

The Coalyard Miniature Railway was busy, Kidderminster 09/12/17

34027 arriving, Kidderminster 09/12/17

80072 will work a later train, Kidderminster 09/12/17

34053 arriving, Kidderminster 09/12/17

80072 departs, Kidderminster 09/12/17

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It’s 2018, will I keep blog updated?

Just noticed the blog has been going for nearly 9 years. There was a time when I only took photos, which were uploaded to my gallery and then linked to from here – time permitting of course. Then came videos, which were much more time consuming to edit and upload, and of course very few or poor “photos”, and the galleries were partially forgotten. Now with a 4K camcorder I can crop reasonable photos from the videos.

The plan for the future is take and upload videos, crop some photos from videos and upload to galleries – where the photos can be viewed on a pc. For people with a mobile phone the galleries were never so easy to view unless you knew how, but I can easily take a smaller photo from a gallery and include it in a blog post, as I have done in the last few weeks. I’ve certainly missed looking back at recent photos, perhaps that will change now – if I can keep up with all the new stuff. Only problem is all that from recent years…..