“On This Day” (years ago) Jan 30th. 2010, 2014 and 2017

Photos and a video today, nothing at the SVR yesterday so 2 photos today, the DMU and 4566. Then 66008 down the Junction on 6V05 and finally 37608 on a test train at Widney Manor.

Starting with the SVR, my gallery photos begin at Bewdley then continue at Highley – so I’m guessing I travelled on the train, probably the DMU, as I photographed it returning south at Highley and then 4566 on the next train, probably taking me back to Bewdley.

DMU passing The Engine House. 30/01/10

4566 passing The Engine House. 30/01/10

Down the Junction again, this time for 66008 on the southbound empties.

66008 Stourbridge. 30/01/14. 6V05 Round Oak – Margam

Finally, a video, 37608 at Widney Manor. Don’t remember filming this one, worth the effort going to see it though!


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