You can now subscribe to this blog!

I now have over 500 subscribers to my YouTube channel and thought about the option to subscribe to this blog. Looking through some plugins that were available for WordPress, I tried one and after a little problem or two, managed to get it working.

I have tried it using Firefox and Chrome, there was initially a problem, but deleting one of my older plugins seemed to have solved it. Time will tell if it works, as and when people attempt to subscribe.

When using a pc, there is a subscription option is on the right of the screen, below the “search” box. You can “unsubscribe” easily, there is an appropriate link every time you receive an email from the blog.

If using a mobile, the blog is displayed in a different way without the subscribe option, but at the bottom of the screen you can choose “desktop” and it will appear as it would on a pc, and the option should appear. One thing though,  my confirmation email ended up in my spam folder, so check there if you receive no notification when subscribing. Hopefully now fixed the spam problem by sending from a different email address.

I don’t “waffle” too much about insignificant “stuff”, so if you do subscribe you will be notified mostly of photos added to the galleries, and of course any new videos. The more subscribers I get, the more I’m likely to keep it updated regularly.

If you try to subscribe and something goes wrong, let me know & I’ll try and fix it. If there are any mistakes in the above, I will correct them as I find them.

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