Another option for finding and viewing photos.

My photo uploads are very hit & miss. I often forget photos I have taken & they don’t get added to the galleries, but last night I came up with a great idea. It might also be of use to people using mobile phones who want to see a selection of photos.

I am going to try & list the photos I have uploaded, but in the order they were taken. For each date, I will list the numbers of the locos seen & include a link to the appropriate gallery. Also included will be  a link to the blog page, which will usually give some details about what was happening. Finally, a “mobile” link, which hopefully will work for people with the more recent mobile phones. The “mobile” link will also be of use to people who just want a quick view of each of the locos.

Any comments appreciated!

This link will take you to the index page

Only a few dates for August 2012 so far, but it will give you some idea what my plan is.

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