Daily Archives: April 7, 2009

This e-mail category

I can post to this category away from home – a useful facility.

Any interesting trains I see – details can be posted here, may be of use to somebody, or just “for the record”.

Apart from this posting, all others here will be moved to the appropriate category when I’m back home & able to use a faster pc.

Glad I kept width to less than 800 pixels

Anything more than 800 would not have fitted on the screen of this minibook that I am using to post this.

Extra columns could make the blog look more impressive & involve less scrolling up & down the page, if using a wide screen pc, but not everybody does.

At least now, if I am sat patiently waiting for a special train to appear, I can pass away the time typing away on this keyboard posting to the blog, or reading/writing e-mails.