Daily Archives: April 19, 2009

SVR 19th April

Overlooking Victoria Bridge, waiting for 71000, due through Arley about 1.30ish.

Other locos running – 4566, 7802 and 42968

This was originally posted “on location” waiting for the train to cross the bridge. Broadband coverage up the Valley isn’t too good, and does not work at Arley station, but checking the Vodafone coverage map the signal does improve up above the station near the farm houses.

We did the usual walk along the river to see 71000 on the first train from Bridgnorth, the LMS set with 10 on, including the Venturer as it was a Sunday. We saw the next train at Arley station, hauled by 4566 on the maroon set. As it was a lovely sunny day, we had a walk around the garden & waited to see the other 2 trains running. Unusually, the first one in was from the Bridgnorth direction, 7802 on the teaks, then a few minutes later 42968 from Kidderminster on the “Limited” GW set.

Finally, a walk up the lane for the view overlooking Victoria Bridge, to see the Duke return.

Now the decorating is over, I ought to get on with sorting photos again, but mustn’t forget there is still a door to sand down & paint – but that is a job for the garden, as I don’t want dust everywhere in this smart room!