Daily Archives: April 22, 2009

Update M123. Longbridge, for 6M67 “Nuke”

Makes a change for me to be adding photos again. Haven’t really got back into a routine as yet, so will tie up loose ends later.


As mentioned in the “Main Line” category, I saw 6M67 at Longbridge today – this is the Bridgwater to Crewe flask train. Unfortunately it doesn’t run round the Dark Side anymore, meaning if I want to see it then I have to travel. At least it passes this area in daylight now.

66177 worked the 6V06 Kingsbury to Cardiff scrap.
Two northbound HSTs were also seen, 43301/03 & 43384/21. Plus a few DMUs of course.

37087 & 37688 on 6M67

6M67 at Longbridge 22nd April

First time I’ve seen the “nuke” for about a year. It passed through at 17.04 hauled by 37087 & 37688.

Also seen were a couple of northbound HSTs – 43301/43303 and 43384/43321, not forgetting a loaded scrap (s/b) hauled by 66177.

Better sort the photos now……