Daily Archives: April 12, 2009

Hey, I went on the train today!

Caught the train at Arley, to travel to Highley. “Uncle Dave” was a guard on the train, he gave me some fuss at Highley before his train left. Think the loco was 7812.

Later on we saw the “Duke” with 10 coaches, then back to Arley on the train. Saw “Uncle Rob & Auntie Anita” on that train, they also made a fuss of me. Not very good with numbers, but 4566 might have been our loco.


Travelled from Arley to Highley behind 7812, 7802 crossed with us at Arley. 71000 will be next train at Highley from Kidderminster, probably 4566 will be next from B’north direction.

Sharpo, out & about with camera & low-tec communicating device
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Down by the river

Waiting for the Duke.

Bit of an experiment to see if I can connect to the internet “in the middle of nowhere”. It actually worked, and we were about a mile north of Arley.

Later in the day, tried at Highley & then Arley stations, but couldn’t connect.

Sharpo, out & about with camera & low-tec communicating device