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Wouldn’t go on the train!

My Dad took me up the local station for a ride on the train. It turned out to be a noisy diesel – I wouldn’t go on it! I prefer steam trains.

( good job “Dad” didn’t have to buy a ticket, as he would’ve been most upset at wasting money!)

They took me on the train today

Yesterday, my walk was just round the local park, then they put me in my cage and went off to the railway without me.

Today though, I had a treat. We went to Arley, but as it was starting to rain the walk along the riverbank was cut short and we went up to the station. They took me on the train to Highley, there was just enough time for a quick walk down to the river before catching the next train back to Arley.

One disappointment though, the calves weren’t close to the fence where we parked the car at Arley, so I didn’t have a chance to see them. Maybe next week?

Hey, I went on the train today!

Caught the train at Arley, to travel to Highley. “Uncle Dave” was a guard on the train, he gave me some fuss at Highley before his train left. Think the loco was 7812.

Later on we saw the “Duke” with 10 coaches, then back to Arley on the train. Saw “Uncle Rob & Auntie Anita” on that train, they also made a fuss of me. Not very good with numbers, but 4566 might have been our loco.

“I’m fighting fit now” says KC

A few weeks ago, I was really ill. My mum & dad had to take me to the vet at 9pm one evening, because I was in such pain with a tummy ache. The vet gave me some injections and sent me home again.

Because I was ill, I couldn’t go to the gala at the Severn Valley Railway, so I was really upset – as my dad went on his own. Unfortunately, during the day I was still in a lot of pain & my mum had to call dad to come away from the gala to take me to the vet again. Saw a different vet this time, she was really worried about me & thought it might be problems with my pancreas. She took a sample of blood for testing, and gave me another injection I was told no more treats & no fat in my food.

Anyway, after a few days I was feeling a bit better, just being fed on chicken, rice and Chappie dried food, as suggested by the vet.

Fortunately, the blood tests showed I did not have pancreatitis, and thanks to all my friends who kept asking about me.