Monthly Archives: February 2009

Quiet week this week

After a couple of weeks with plenty happening, the only working I have been waiting for has so far failed to materialise. There was a mention of a powercar move to Loughborough via Bromsgrove, so far I have only ever seen one such working, and my plan was to see it. No word on it moving today either, maybe tomorrow.

At least I’m up to date now with uploading the latest photos from last week.

60s Transport Day 21st Feb 2009

As I write this, it’s only a few days away. Looking at the timetable, there are 7 trains each way between Kidderminster & Bridgnorth, with the DMU doing a Bewdley – Highley – Kidderminster run before its first departure from Kidderminster.

I’m looking forward to seeing a good selection of road vehicles, making a change from the trains I see most weekends.

See SVR site for details

follow “planning your visit” then “special events”

Thumbnails under or at side of image?

I’ve dabbled with the layout of the Midlands gallery page so that when viewing the medium size images you can choose to display the thumbnails below or at the side of the image. Probably depends on your pc display, but my wide screen laptop is best with thumbnails at the side, if underneath, the bottom part of the strip is chopped off. The desktop pc, which does not have a wide screen, can cope with either.

See how I look after the visitors to the gallery? (All I have to do now is modify the other galleries)

Latest “Midlands” updates

Over these last few days I really have been busy, sorting photos & uploading them. I won’t bother to list the 66s but the more interesting locos are – 47810 at Northfield, 47375, 47727 & 56301 at Walsall, and finally at Water Orton 37259, 37605, 37609, 37682, 57005 & 60022.

This link will take you to a list of recent updates

Hopefully learning how to add an image, this should show the photo of 4 X DRS Class 37s in one photo

37682 on left, 37609 & 37259 leading with 37605 at rear

Message Board & “spammers”

A few days ago it seemed that spammers found a way round the registration procedure set up to stop spammers – robot or otherwise. I have now removed the registration option to save me time deleting them every day.

Anybody wishing to be signed up, e-mail me via my web site link – telling me why you wish to join & what your interest are. That should hopefully stop most spammers.