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Update 826. 5164, 43106 & 50031 at SVR on 14/09/13

The usual routine went out the window with Tornado running through Kidderminster today. As you will have seen in the previous update, 60163 was hauling a railtour to Worcester and I photographed it from the footbridge south of Kidderminster. Minutes later, 43106 arrived with the first train from Bridgnorth and I headed to the station to catch it. I had heard that D8059 had failed on the diesel turn and 50031 was sent to rescue it. The train is seen at Bewdley, hauled by 50031 with D8059 on the rear. I was only at Arley long enough to eat my sandwiches & cake from the kiosk and would catch the next train back to Kidderminster, hauled by 5164. D8059 had been left at Kidderminster and 50031 was now working the diesel turn and is seen heading to Bridgnorth.

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Ancient & modern, I know which I prefer! (43106)

Update 823. D1015 “Western Champion” at Old Hill, 07/09/13

The “Western” was working a Pathfinder Tour to Weymouth. The train started at Leicester with a Class 67, with D1015 taking over at Bescot. Old Hill is not the best station for a downhill train in the morning when the sun is shining, but I did my best.

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This shows how difficult it can be here, trains often run through on the opposite track at just the wrong moment. D1015 approaches Old Hill.


Oops, I forgot to add the link in previous update!!

I’m sure anybody who visits my site on a regular basis will know where to have found the photos, but for any new visitors who couldn’t find the photos of 34053 with the ‘planes flying over – they are in the following album:-

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I did update the previous post to make it easier for anybody who stumbles across that page in the future.