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Photos and video, 5043 and 68009 at Birmingham Snow Hill, 30/07/17

68009 is seen first emerging from the tunnel, then a few minutes later Earl of Mount Edgcumbe can be heard climbing up through the tunnel from Moor Street station with The Shakespeare Express. 5043 runs round the train in readiness for the afternoon run to Stratford, and I head for Moor Street to film it departing.

Link to photos in gallery

Link to video


Freight to Moor Street yard Brierley Hill? Not yet.

There were rumours of freight returning to the yard at Moor Street, with times appearing on Realtime Trains, but nothing has run yet. I was curious, after looking at the satellite view on Google maps I decided to go and see for myself, but the site doesn’t look ready for trains yet. The connection off the route to Round Oak is there, but I’m not sure about track in the yard itself.

An application for a freight and steel terminal was refused:-

Dudley Council link

There are 7 photos from today here:

and a short video of the connection here:-

A photo from 2008, you can see where the track was in the yard at that time:-


2 months without a post! What’s the excuse??

Too much gardening to do, always a backlog of videos to edit and upload. To make matters worse, I now have a 4K camcorder and the videos take longer to edit and upload, but after one upload taking hours I now just upload at hd quality, which is quicker and adequate for YouTube.

Another bonus is that I can get some decent “photos” from the frames in the video, so there will be plenty to add to my photo galleries again – but that will take up more time!