Monthly Archives: March 2009

47769 & 47843 through Longbridge

First they were 100 minutes late, so I was in no hurry, next I read they were 47 minutes early & running via Kemble & not Bristol. Panic!

These special workings do my head in, times can vary so much. Anyway, headed across to Longbridge & they were through more or less the time they were booked – and going like the clappers!

SVR 22nd March

Seen from same place as yesterday, Arley area, 5164 on train from Bridgnorth, then 46443 on Footplate Experience. 4566 on train to Bridgnorth. Manors cross in loop at Arley station, and before heading home we see 5164 again, heading for Bridgnorth.

Blog appearance modified again

I searched around for a new “theme” that would hopefully fit within an 800 pixel screen. The majority of themes try to fit in more on a page, or add another sidebar – which I don’t really need. Shows that I’m thinking of people who don’t have a fancy modern widescreen display!

This new theme is easier to modify than the previous one, well, for a novice like me, and I have worked out how to add RSS feeds – which could be quite useful.

37s to Long Marston

20901 & 20905 moved 3 x 37s from Barrow Hill to Long Marston for storage today. Not looked at my photos so not sure of the numbers at the moment, but will edit this later.

Saw them trundle down the goods loop south of Bromsgrove, running about an hour late. At least it meant I saw another HST and 60091 on the tanks from Westerleigh as I was wandering back to the car.

47s at Tyseley

After seeing the 47s at Longbridge, Tyseley was the next location, to see the Colas 47s heading for Dollands Moor – 47739 & 47727 + 14 wagons.

5 x 47s in one day, not bad. If I’d had a totally free day, I could have seen 56312 on the Boston – Washwood heath as well, maybe next week for that one?

Modifying appearance of blog

Spent some time today trying to understand how a blog can be customised. All seems a bit confusing at first, but I did manage to widen the layout so that a 500px image would display properly.

Also worked out how to add my favourite yellow colour around the blog. Trouble is, while I’m puzzling over all this – nothing else gets done!

SVR 15th March

First weekend for the yellow timetable this weekend, meaning 4 locos to work the Sunday trains, but with the first Footplate Experience of the year today as well – there were 5 locos in steam.
4566, 5164, 7802, 7812 & 46443.


SVR 14th March

After the gala last weekend, it’s back to the usual – a walk alongside the river at Arley & sarnies at the station. Not forgetting the timetable is different now, and of course the calendar has not been updated as yet!

The Manors were seen running, also 4566. Seemed a bit tame after “Gresley” up through Old Hill this morning, but at least the steamers on the Valley are more frequent than at Old Hill.