Daily Archives: March 27, 2009

Didn’t know about 40145 out today

This is something I missed. Apparently it went through Walsall earlier today & had I known about it then I might have been out somewhere to see it.

Still, hopefully it will be out on the mainline again soon. At least I have seen it down the “dark side” a couple of times last year or whenever it was.

6Z10 Bescot to Gloucester this morning

No idea what this was going to be, but as it only involved a walk to see it & not much else of interest comes round the “dark side”, I couldn’t really resist putting down the paint brush to go & see it.

Turned out to be 66135 with some of the big scrap box wagons, think they were empty. No idea why the destination was Gloucester, unless Advenza are having them?

Won’t be going to see the light engine return working this pm.