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31285, 76079 & 57316 seen today

31285 was due through Bromsgrove this morning on a test train heading for Derby.

76079 was working the stock through Shrewsbury, ready for the Cambrian Coast trains this summer, with a 33 on the rear. Finally at Shrewsbury, 57316 on the Holyhead train.

Almost forgot, the Red Arrows flew over a couple of times as well.

Bromsgrove & Walsall

Can’t keep up with myself at the moment!

Tuesday evening and I was at Bromsgrove for an hour, the DBS “manager’s train” was returning from the south west, never having seen that train before – it was worth a trip out. The DVT was leading with 67029 on the rear. Three freights and an HST were also seen.

Wednesday, the DRS flask train ran to Berkeley. I was planning to go to Kings Norton to see it on the return run, but the local train service had gone to pot & the only option was to head to Walsall. Fortunately, I saw it, headed by a pair of 37s – 37601 & 37603.

That’s even more photos to sort through now…..

Update 153. 5972 Olton Hall at Birmingham Moor Street after working The Shakespeare Express

Unfortunately I missed 5972 when it travelled south from Carnforth on Thursday, as it was a couple of hours or so late, but I was determined to see it on the Sunday – even if it was raining!

Moor Street station at least provided shelter from the rain, even if the lighting conditions weren’t ideal, but at least I have now seen the loco.

Link to photos

One photo included here:-

Recent outings for main line trains

Sunday morning, a Branch Line Society special from Crewe to Welbeck was to run through Smethwick. Using my over 60s pass for the first time, I enjoyed a free ride on the train, even though it was only a few stations away.

The special was delayed, but whilst waiting we saw a couple of engineers trains on the other track. The special eventually arrived, headed by 66090 and 47843, with 47812 at the rear.

Sunday afternoon and my opportunity to see 5972 Olton Hall on the Shakespeare Express. It was wet and I only went to Moor Street, but at least I saw it.

Monday, an empty stock working from Southall to Carnforth with Class 47 47245 was worth a ride out to Dorridge. All the more enjoyable using my free pass!

Well, some photos to sort no.

SVR 19th July

A late running special on the main line meant I was late heading for Arley. Margaret collected me from Cradley & we were parking by the river as 2 trains departed from Arley. Straight up to the station today, KC not happy as no sign of the calves in the field, again!

7802 on the GW diner, 42968 on the other train, then it turned very wet. We waited for the rain to stop, then headed home.

SVR 18th July

Usual place, near Arley, 4566 s/b on LMS set, then 7812 n/b on GW set.

Diesel turn next s/b, worked by D444. Next trains were 4566 back again n/b, crossing with 42968 s/b.

A group of morris dancers were on the train from Bridgnorth. They were soon in action in the yard at the Arley, will check my photos later & upload a few