Daily Archives: July 12, 2009

SVR 12th July

Yes, Arley again. Straight to the station today, as it was starting to rain. 7714 was on the first train we saw, heading for Kidderminster on The Venturer set.

After eating our sandwiches, we decided to have a ride to Highley. 5764 was on the train with the teak set. In the other direction, 7812 was on a footplate charter with a GW set.

We returned from Highley behind 42968, which crossed with 7802 on the GW diner.

Weather was nice so we stayed at Arley for another cuppa, only half hour or so to wait for 7714 to return with the Venturer diner set. Oooh, the smell of food made us hungry…..

They took me on the train today

Yesterday, my walk was just round the local park, then they put me in my cage and went off to the railway without me.

Today though, I had a treat. We went to Arley, but as it was starting to rain the walk along the riverbank was cut short and we went up to the station. They took me on the train to Highley, there was just enough time for a quick walk down to the river before catching the next train back to Arley.

One disappointment though, the calves weren’t close to the fence where we parked the car at Arley, so I didn’t have a chance to see them. Maybe next week?