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SVR 18th July

Less of a rush today, so KC had her walk by the river. 4566 was seen heading south near Arley with the Venturer set. Up at the station, 43106 s/b on Footplate Experience with 1 coach was first into the station, which meant 5764 working north was brought to a stand outside the station. Last two locos seen were 5164 on the Limited and 7812 on the train for Kidder.

5 locos in an hour & 20 minutes is a good result!

SVR 17th July

After seeing “Lizzie” in Birmingham, headed across to Arley. 5764 was n/b and crossed with 5164, then 7812 on dining charter crossed with 50031 on the diesel turn (I believe 50035 would work the second round trip?) Finally, 43106 crossed with 5164.

Update 369. 6201 & 47773 on The Midlander in the Birmingham area, 17/07/10

Couldn’t resist this one, the chance to see the train at Small Heath, catch a local train into Birmingham and walk to Curzon Street to see it again. All I needed was the local train to run to time – and it did, I was there with just minutes to spare.

Steam locos are not allowed to enter New Street station, so this train was hauled from Tyseley by a diesel, with 6201 Princess Elizabeth at the rear but staying outside of the enclosed part of the station. When 6201 departed for London, it was the first steam loco from New Street for 40 years.

The first photos show 47773 hauling the train at Small Heath, with 6201 at the rear, from Tyseley to New Street. Then I wanted some photos which included part of Birmingham in the background, what could be better than the Rotunda and with the loco on the climb away from New Street! Quite a few photos but I have tried to vary them as much as possible.

Link to photos

It was a great sight:-

Update 368. New arrival 3802 is moved to Bridgnorth, 15/07/10

As mentioned in my e-mail posting from earlier in the day, 3802 was hauled to Bridgnorth after arriving at Kidderminster on Wednesday. I saw it first at Kidderminster, coupled to D8188, then again at Bewdley as they waited for the preceding train to clear the section. Also included are some photos inside Mk1 E3083 showing the reclining seats – very comfortable

Link to photos

3802 being hauled towards Bridgnorth, without tender.

SVR 14th July

We were at Bewdley again today, but still only saw 2 of the 3 steam locos. These were 5164 & 7812, and both running “backwards”, not really encouraging me to take photos.

D1062 was on a Footplate Experience with a rake of 6 coaches.