Monthly Archives: August 2010

SVR 16th August

Once again, only saw 2 of the trains – 3802 on one & 43106 on the other. The third was in Kidderminster station as I passed by on the bus, but it was after the departure time of 11.40 & I couldn’t risk getting off the bus, rushing to the station just to see the train departing. By the time the bus reached Bewdley the 11.54 departures were long gone. I was interested to see 9 Standard cars at Bewdley, probably a motoring club having a train ride for a change. I did take some photos of the cars, so will sort them soon. No train photos though, they were both “backwards”!

SVR 14th August

We ignored the weather forecast & headed for Arley. Had the walk & made it to the station in the dry. 5764 & 3802 were on the first trains we saw. Next to arrive was 46443 on Footplate Exerience, then 50135 on the diesel turn. Fourth service train was hauled by 7812. Before heading home, we had to wait 10 minutes or so – as we had a rather heavy shower of rain.

SVR 13th August

Got to Bewdley for free again today, going via Halesowen then route 192 service to Kidderminster & another bus to Bewdley. Back to trains, missed seeing one of them, but saw 5164 & 3802 as they crossed at 1.15. D821 was also out on Footplate Experience.

One of the few advantages of getting old, a bus pass!

Off the top of my head, I can’t think of any other advantages? Anyway, the car stayed at home today, as did the dog, so time was limited, but we allow ourselves up to 4 hours or so out.

A slight variation today, with only a 1-way trip on the SVR, but the rest was using our bus passes. After a walk to the station, a train to Stourbridge Junction & then the “dodger” down to the town, it was a bus all the way to Bewdley. To hop off at Kidderminster was cutting it fine, as the train departs at 11.40 – I did it the other day on my own, but this time Margaret was with me & the bus called at more stops and was running later.

The return journey to Kidderminster was behind 3802, then the bus, dodger & train back home. Well, we walked a couple of miles, used various forms of transport, and it only took just over 4 hours. I’ve done this type of journey before, but it was a “first” for Margaret.

SVR 11th August

KC had a walk around the park & a visit to Bewdley today, hope she doesn’t expect 2 outings every day! Only saw the 2 trains that crossed around 1.15 and they were hauled by 5164 & 3802. Both locos were running backwards, so good job I hadn’t gone with the intention of taking photos.

SVR 9th August

I’m a day late adding this, how time flies! The plan on Monday was to get to Bewdley by public transport, without using the train between Stourbridge & Kidderminster. So, train to Stourbridge Junction, then the “dodger” (Parry People Mover) down to the Town. From there, bus to Kidderminster, which fortunately passes the railway station, then SVR train to Bewdley. 5164 was on my train, 7802 then headed for Kidderminster. The 3rd loco was 3802. D821 & 50031 were still at platform 3, after the recent “behind the scenes” event.

Window-cleaning and gardening took priority today, so nothing for the 10th.

SVR 8th August

At our usual haunt we saw 4566 on the Venturer set, then 5164 n/b. 7812 was next s/b but delayed by the late arrival of 3802 on the Limited.

No sheep in the field, again, so KC not happy. We did mention it to the farmer’s daughter on the way back to the car, so she gave KC some fuss – and then flogged us a punnet of plums for a quid. Very nice, must get some more next week!

SVR 7th August

Heavy showers meant  no walk along the river, but straight up to the station at Arley. 7812 was first in, backwards, then 3802 on its first passenger train since arriving a few weeks ago, also backwards. After they departed it was sandwich time, and await the arrival of the next train – which was 50135 on the diesel turn.

KC looked for the sheep, but only saw 2 of them, as we waited for the next trains. 3802 was in first from Kidderminster, then 5164 from Bridgnorth.

It was “Peep Behind the Scenes” weekend, with workshops open to visitors etc. but not for us today.