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Update 442. 60096 & 66014 at Stourbridge, 01/04/11

Class 60s don’t often work trains to Round Oak, so as I had some spare time it seemed worth a trip to Stourbridge to see it. 60096 was the loco & it was working 6V07 to Margam. It wasn’t long before 6M41, the northbound loaded train appeared, headed by 66014.

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60096 at Stourbridge

The timing was just right for me to walk to the bus stop to catch the route 240 bus home, but it had failed to show when I was trying to get to Stourbridge, so no choice but a train ride and a walk!

Update 441. 66041 & 66059 at Old Hill on an engineer’s train, 03/04/11

Some engineer’s trains were booked on this route during the day. They aren’t likely to run to time, so it is a matter of hoping they are sighted elsewhere and then heading to the station & waiting. Then I received the message that one had passed through Worcester (thanks!!) so grabbed a camera & headed for the station. The light was fading, nothing unusual at Old Hill, a DMU came through & I expected the freight soon after. Silly me! It was another 20 minutes before I heard the noise of the freight train as it slowly climbed the bank, assisted by a banking loco. Never did find out the code, but believe it was Abbotswood Junction to Bescot.

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Those awful shots with the light behind the train!

66041 on engineer's train at Old Hill