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Update 444. Night photography at Birmingham Moor Street with 67012, 06/04/11

After photographing the 20s at Dorridge, I returned to Moor Street & had about 20 minutes to wait for my train. 67012 and former WSMR set was stabled in one of the new platforms and with no people to get in the way it seemed a good time to try some night photography. Using image stabiliser & 1/30th second exposure the photos have come out very well.

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67012 at Birmingham Moor Street

Update 443. 20301, 20302, 20304 & 20305 on 8X09 tube stock at Small Heath, 06/04/11

I should have been in Wales, but Arriva Trains failed to get me to where I was heading – I didn’t want to be hours late & also have to tolerate a long bus ride in place of the train and headed back home! So, the opportunity to see 8X09, and in sunlight. It was due to pass Small Heath soon after 7pm and then head for Dorridge loop. I wasn’t sure if I could see this train twice, but after seeing it at Small Heath, I headed for Dorridge. I was surprised the train was still in the loop, last time I tried something like this – it was “Tangmere” & it ran straight through! Anyway, by now it was after 8pm and it was getting dark, so final photos very poor.

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The complete train at Small Heath:-

20301, 20302, 20304 & 20305 at Small Heath on 8X09