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As always, behind with updates

All the SVR Spring Steam Gala videos have been uploaded. A few videos from Arley last Saturday, and the start of some videos from Stafford on Tuesday are the most recent additions. I’m finding the videos more interesting than photos at the moment, so that’s what I’ll be concentrating on in the coming weeks.

Unfortunately, adding the links to the videos from my galleries isn’t getting done, so keep checking for latest videos at:-

Update 897. Videos of 66116 & 66197 at Stourbridge Junction, 01/04/13

The sun was shining, the train from Margam was running to time & I was able to get down the Junction to see it. The one from Round Oak was also on time so both trains were seen within 15 minutes. 139002 is also seen running up the branch from the Town.

Link to videos

66116 on 6V05 Round Oak – Margam. Sounded like it was working hard!

Update 896. Videos from first day of Severn Valley Railway Spring Steam Gala, 21/03/14

It has taken a long time, but all the videos can now be accessed from my gallery, in the same way that photos were displayed in the past. The visitors were 1450, 1638, 6435 & 7828. 4936 has stayed on since arriving last year and the home fleet were 1501, 2857, 4566 & 7812. Most of the videos were filmed at Highley, with a few at Arley, ending with a ride behind 7828 on the way back to Kidderminster.

Link to videos

Wasn’t sure what to show here, but decided on 1450 with the autotrain

Hope you are enjoying the videos?

I’m enjoying using the camcorder, it makes a change from just taking photos all the time. It is quite time consuming with all the uploading & editing to do, and my other plan to link all the videos to my galleries and the blog does get a bit fiddly at times. Hopefully I will get into more of a routine as the weeks go by. With a bit of luck I should be able to link the videos from day 1 of the SVR gala to the blog in the next day or so. I’d better get on with it as day 2 isn’t finished yet & I haven’t started on day 3.

Just been playing with my Samsung 7″ tablet to make sure the recent videos link from the blog and gallery, must say I’m very pleased with the quality – looks better than watching the originals on my desktop pc!