Daily Archives: August 30, 2014

Adding videos is a long process.

I used to be able to edit photos & upload them pretty quickly, but the videos take much longer, which is why I am sometimes very late adding the updates to this blog. Editing videos is an easy task, but the uploading can take a long time. Once uploaded I have to add the description, comments etc. not too long a job but not always done on the same day. After that, I try to add the details to the calendar page – this is mostly for my benefit for future reference. Once that is done, I add it to a “loco list”, which is a list of numbers linking to the appropriate video. This gives me some idea of what I have actually filmed, and when. Finally, I add the update page to the blog.

So, the last week is more or less complete, but I am only part way through the videos from Doncaster just over a week ago. Most of the other videos from August have been “processed” through my system and if I don’t get carried away with other tasks my aim is to complete the Doncaster videos before too long.

It’s all good, clean fun!!