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Update 946. Severn Valley Railway Gala Preview Day, 18/09/14

The day before the gala & a couple of the visiting locos will be working trains, the goods train will also be running.

I’ve edited all my video clips, joining some of them together to form short “episodes” of the day as it happened. My arrival was planned so that I would see the northbound steel train pass through Kidderminster main line station, and then I would head for the footbridge for the SVR trains.

1. 172221 heads towards Birmingham
2. 66121 on steel train to Round Oak
3. 43106 runs from the turntable towards the carriage shed, then back towards the station
4. 4566 arrives with the goods train
5. A view of the site for the new diesel depot
6. 66085 on empty steel train from Round Oak
7. 88 arrives light, D3201 shunting & 43106 departs with a train for Bridgnorth
8. D3201 shunts the wagons and 172341 runs past on main line
9. 172211 passes on main line, 4566 runs towards bridge & back to station
10. Line up of diesels, 1501 arrives, 4566 departs on freight
11. 88 hauls the empty stock out from the run round loop, then propels back into a platform road, also 172333 passing by
12. 1501 departs on footplate “taster” to Bewdley

I travelled to Highley behind no. 88

13. 88 departs from Highley

Then to Arley behind 43106

14. 43106 departs from Arley, then an emergency stop
15. 43924 arrival & departure
16. 4566 passes through with the goods train
17. 88 arrival & departure
18. 43106 arrival & departure
19. 4566 back with the goods again
20. 43924 arrives & I catch the train back to Kidderminster

A month without an update!!!

Wow, I didn’t realise it was a month since the last update. So many things to do in the garden and around the house. I keep taking loads of videos though, and they do get uploaded to YouTube – but it’s the little extra bits like posting the updates here that don’t get done. Now that autumn is here, more time will be spent in the house & maybe I’ll be able to get back into a routine on the computer.

One thing that didn’t help was the SVR Autumn Steam Gala, 3 days plus a preview day. I did visit all 4 days, but only during the daytime. As I type this, I haven’t edited many of the videos taken during those 4 days, but at least the preview day has now been finished.

Oh well, must get on with it…….