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I’m testing a version 1.6 Coppermine photo gallery

My existing photo galleries use the latest 1.5 version, but 1.6 is newer and supposedly stable and tested but still classed as pre-release. So I thought I ought to give it a try and see if there are any problems for me with the plugins I use.


I’ve added some test galleries, including a set of recent train photos, which link to a video – to see how it all looks.

It is very similar to the exiting galleries in appearance at the moment, but one of the plugins isn’t available for 1.6 yet – but there is a very good slideshow plugin.

A mobile using Firefox browser has problems, but not with Chrome. Maybe there will be a fix for that soon.

As I get more used to it or make further adjustments or updates, I will add further posts here.

“On This Day” (years ago) August 24th. 2002, 2005, 2007, 2008, 2013, 2014 and 2015

JCN898J at Horse Shoe Pass in 2002, Sherpa at Fairbourne Railway in 2005, KC at Bewdley, no trains, in 2007, 45110 as 45134 at Highley in 2008, 66847 at Langley Green in 2013, 66421 at Old Hill in 2014, and finally 57012 and 57004 at Rowley Regis in 2015.
Photos below ideal for mobile phones:-

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