Daily Archives: April 4, 2021

Old Video, 18/10/15. 60163, 2857 & 46100, also 5 Sheds.

I haven’t time to add photos to the galleries at the moment so this is just a posting for the video.

My day started at Old Hill with 66113 on 6P04 Kidderminster – Crewe Basford Hall. Only just got to the station in time to see it. Then off to Arley to film 60163 & 2857. After that, near the old Rifle Range Halt to see 60163 & 46100. Then at Kidderminster, 4 x 66s in a convoy, 66114, 66169, 66051 & 66238 on 0N44 Bescot – Margam. Royal Scot can be heard running round in the background and soon after is seen departing with a train to Bridgnorth. Final clip shows the diesel depot with a Class 50 in the background.