SVR 28th March

Seen today around Arley. 5164, 6695, 7802 & 7812 on service trains, also 42968 on Footplate Experience. 5 locos in less than 90 minutes is how I like it!! 3 were “backwards” though!

2 thoughts on “SVR 28th March

  1. Nick Dunn

    Well, how surprised was I to see you at Arley today! (remember the long-haired yob hanging out of the window of the 12:15 from Kiddy)? As soon as you walked past me, the cogs were going in my head – “Hmmm I bloody know him!” Then it came to me – it’s young Mr Sharpe!
    Had no idea about your website but had a stroke of luck. I was meeting a good mate of mine at the new centre at Highley who is an SVR volunteer. I was telling him about seeing you and as soon as I mentioned your name he said “Oh you know Sharpo do you? – bit of a legend with the SVR photography he is” – and he told me about your site! I shall have a good trawl through your pics – bloody hell it seems all you’ve done since leaving Hoskyns is take photo’s!!
    Good to see you today anyway, albeit briefly! May see you again down there -I’ll be sure to shout sooner next time!
    Nick Dunn.

  2. Sharpo Post author

    You were surprised? Not half as surprised as me! As soon as you mentioned Hoskyns, I remembered you, but for the rest of the afternoon was saying to my wife that I knew your name was Nick, but the surname was gone.
    Kept thinking to myself, probably never see you or have the chance of speaking again, but how strange that you mentioned it to your mate.
    The pics will show that our dog takes us to Arley most weekends.
    I’ve got your e-mail, will write tomorrow. Oh, do you still like Witchfinder General?????

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