I wonder what actually happened to fotopic.net?

Over the past week or so there has been much talk about fotopic and the loss of all the galleries that people have uploaded. For some reason I never set up a fotopic account, I think in the early years I was displaying photos within an ordinary web site, finally moving on to a Coppermine photo gallery. I can sympathise with people who can no longer access their galleries, knowing how long it takes to upload photos & add descriptions etc. Maybe all is not lost & it will come back online.

Staying on the subject of photos, going back a few years before the internet was so popular, most of the published photos were probably in books & magazines. Those same books are probably still in libraries or for sale new or second-hand in various places, same with magazines. Makes you wonder what will happen with all the digital photos that are taken these days, what will happen to them? Thinking about many of the transport photos I’ve taken with earlier digital cameras, and others I’ve seen on the internet, losing some of them would be no great loss!

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