Update 435. NMT 43013/43014, 66030, 66554 & 66603 at Dorridge, 23/03/11

The last time I went to Dorridge to see the NMT the London Midland trains were running late, this in turn delayed a northbound freight, which was checked by signals as it passed slowly through the station. It was at the same time as the NMT sped through on the southbound track, all I saw was a glimpse of yellow in the gap between the containers. This time I was ready, on the footbridge, I wasn’t going to miss it a second time! During the hour or so I was at the station three other freights passed through, so quite a good result.

Link to photos

A freight had been put in the loop to let the NMT pass

NMT 43013/43014 at Dorridge

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