Update 529. Classic Cars at Bewdley, Severn Valley Railway, 09/10/11

I’m slowly adding photos of the vehicles on display at the Severn Valley Railway Classic Car event. They will be uploaded into one album, but can also be displayed according to which station they were at. The first photos to be added are from Bewdley station, my last stop of the day before heading for Kidderminster and home.

Link to photos

Vehicles listed in registration order:-

255YUF 1952 Ford Anglia
279DOJ 1961 Ford Zephyr Zodiac MkII
3999E 1969 Singer Chamois Sport
626XUR 1949 Ford Anglia
963DTA 1959 Jensen 541R
BF4415 1929 Ford
CSC500B 1964 Daimler
DER2V 1988 Bentley Turbo R
DJL629 1947 Riley
DPV667 Land Rover Series 1
DUV712 1931 Rolls Royce Phantom II (seen in photo above)
ELB741J 1971 Morris Minor
EXY183 1938 Scammell
FEA134C 1965 Jaguar MkII
GBC662D 1966 Commer Imp Van
GVP349D 1966 Morris Minor Traveller
HKB344L 1973 Triumph Stag
JGL135J 1970 VW Type 3 Fastback
KY6026 1934 Lagonda 16/80
LLH377K 1972 MGB GT
NVJ461 1955 Ford Zephyr Zodiac
OE5198 1919 Verus V1
OTB714K 1972 VW Marathon Beetle
PHJ508K 1972 VW Karmann Beetle
P1 1983 Rolls Royce Silver Spirit
REL200G 1968 Jaguar XJ6
RUK848R 1977 Mini Clubman Estate
SDY964L 1972 Reliant Van
TGO592F 1967 Austin A40 Van
TWP67F 1968 Austin A60 Cambridge
UDE566H 1970 MG 1300 Mk2
UNR477 Rover P4 100
WOL687 1958 Nash Metropolitan
WOP764 Austin A35

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