Acer Aspire One A110 battery flat or won’t charge – solution

It’s a handy little netbook, but hadn’t been used during the summer. When I switched it on yesterday – nothing happened. Battery must be flat, I thought, so plugged in the mains lead & it worked. After using it for a while, I unplugged the lead & the netbook went dead. Plugged the lead back in and restarted it, then checked on the state of the battery – it was supposedly 100% charged.

A few searches suggested the BIOS needed updating. There were other suggestions such as removing the battery, holding power on button down for 2 minutes etc. etc. but they didn’t work. So it looked like updating the BIOS. There is a page on the Acer Support site explaining what to do – and it fixed the problem, the battery is now charging again.


For anybody else with the same problem, follow the instructions on the above link.

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