Update 620. 50044, 50135, D8059 & 43106 at the Severn Valley Railway, 07/07/12

Back from a week in Cornwall, so we must be due for a visit to the SVR. Wet again, not a day for walking around with KC, so by train from Kidderminster to Arley & return. 50135 was hauling our train, but was having problems maintaining a vacuum, causing problems with the brakes and the train was held at Arley for a replacement loco. 50044 was sent from Kidderminster and after coupling to 50135 the train continued to Bridgnorth. We didn’t stay out long, returning to Kidderminster behind D8059. The only steam loco I managed to photograph was 43106.

Link to photos

The 3 diesel locos are seen in this photo

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