It’s 2013 and winter projects aren’t progressing very well

Winter, the days are short, weather poor and not many trains to see. Should be plenty of time to crack on with all those little tasks that need doing around the house, sorting through all those old photos that I’ve forgotten about, add descriptions to photos I uploaded to galleries years ago. The list is endless, unfortunately it grows longer instead of shorter.

A few days ago I decided it was time I upgraded my BB3 message board, as there had been several updates to the software. Then I found a mobile mod to add, tried it, and it works very well with my smart phone. That started me messing around with the content on that board. When I first set it up I had great ideas, all sorts of content – road vehicles, railways, miniatures etc. Trouble is though, allowing people to sign up means you get spammers & other trouble makers joining, giving me extra work to contend with. So now it’s mostly me & “coalyardrly” doing all the posting. No aggro but not may postings. It does make a change from blog postings and adding loads of photos to galleries.

Then there is my online calendar, which I can’t keep updated – oh dear! Never mind.

See if the message board works on your mobile:-

Message board

What will I get up to next, I wonder…..


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