Update 870. 66726 hauls 0Z36 47812 & 47815 through Walsall, 20/11/13

The plan was to see this at Small Heath. My train should have arrived before the convoy passed through – I thought it was a safe bet as the covoy was running late, but it missed out one of the booked stops and was running early. So I then had to get back to Moor Street, then leg it to New Street for a train to Walsall. The bonus was I saw 37608 & 37259 on 6M56 & 60074 on 6E08, plus 66025 & 66556 on a couple of other freights.

Link to photos or if you have a smartphone, try this link for a slideshow

The 47s are seen here, D1916 & D1748 in “old numbers”

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