Videos/photos Old Hill, 02/11/16. 66188 and units.

Another chance to see a freight diverted away from the Lickey, due to engineering work at Bromsgrove. I was expecting it to stop at Stourbridge for a banker and was following its progress – but it didn’t run into the loop. I grabbed my camera bag and headed for the door, just making it to the station as the train was approaching. I was puffing and panting so much you can see the vapour from my breath drifting in front of the lens as I filmed.

Old Hill 02/11/16. 66188 6E30 Margam – Hartlepool

Old Hill 02/11/16. 170521 1M84 Cardiff – Birmingham

Old Hill 02/11/16. 172336 2S86 Stourbridge – Stratford

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