Video and photos 68008, 68025 and 68001 Stourbridge, 12/02/17

The Friday morning ecs working was too early for me but the Sunday evening return run from Coventry was at a time I could manage, although it was in the dark. I chose Stourbridge for the video as the downhill runs at Old Hill are rather uneventful and not too good in the dark. A Chiltern ecs set arrived just before the Belle was due, this meant the view from platform 2  would be blocked, but as you see in the video it did set back into the yard in plenty of time.

Link to YouTube video

Cropping images of a fast train from a video filmed in the dark doesn’t give great results, but here they are.

Stourbridge 12/02/17. 68008 reverses ecs into yard

Stourbridge 12/02/17. 68025 ecs Coventry – Kidderminster

Stourbridge 12/02/17. 68001 at rear of ecs Coventry – Kidderminster

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