Severn Valley Railway Santa Train photos and videos 2017

I filmed for a few hours on three days, twice at Kidderminster and once at Arley. From the videos I have cropped some images so if you don’t want to watch Youtube videos you can look through the photos.

There are three video playlists:-
Kidderminster 02/12/17 – about 45 minutes
Arley 03/12/17 – about 45 minutes
Kidderminster 09/12/17 – about 50 minutes

To view the images on a mobile device then use the pages in this blog, start at the first page or choose the individual days – 02/12/17, 03/12/17 or 09/12/17.

If you prefer to view the larger photos, best on a computer, go to my gallery for the slide show. Click a thumbnail, then the intermediate image to view the larger images in a slide show, no descriptions added yet though!):-
Kidderminster 02/12/17 – 20 images
Arley 03/12/17 – 32 images
Kidderminster 09/12/17 – 18 images

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