“On This Day” (years ago) Bewdley, 08/01/11

The first posting for this category. I’ve forgotten most of the photos I’ve taken in recent years but it could be interesting to revive a few memories. I only have a note of dates since going digital so can only go back 15 years. January is a quiet month so lots of days with little or no activity, but we’ll see how it goes.

I’ve found a few photos at Bewdley which were never uploaded. One of the sidings was in the process of being relayed and goods wagons were stabled in the platform road.

Use this link if you’re using a computer and want larger images

65620 65801. Bewdley 08/01/11

41277 40841. Bewdley 08/01/11

2686 345. Bewdley 08/01/11

2686 345. Bewdley 08/01/11

Goods wagons. Bewdley 08/01/11

Goods wagons. Bewdley 08/01/11

Track relaying. Bewdley 08/01/11


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