“On This Day” (years ago) Feb 9th. 2003, 2008, 2010 & 2013

Four different years for this date. In 2003 I was at a KWVR gala, photos not in gallery – but they weren’t very good! 80002 is seen double-heading with 45212. In 2008 4566 is seen at Hay Bridge with a “Reopening Train” after the floods. Then in 2010 at Worcester 47749 is seen on a working from Long Marston. Finally in 2013 at Old Hill 37218 & 37609 on a Pathfinders tour. 

I think this was my last shot of the day, 80002 and 45212 heading for Oxenhope in 2003.

80002 45212 Oxenhope. 09/02/03

In 2008 SVR trains were running again after the floods! 4566 with headboard Severn Valley “Reopening Train”.

4566 Hay Bridge. 09/02/08. Severn Valley “Reopening Train” after the floods

In 2010 47749 was on a Long Marston – Llanwern working, pity the sun wasn’t a bit higher in the sky!

47749 Worcester. 09/02/10. 6Z47 Long Marston to Llanwern

Finally, in 2013 a Pathfinder Bristol – Carlisle tour is seen up the Dark Side at Old Hill.

37218 & 37609 Old Hill. 09/02/13. 1Z37 Bristol – Carlisle

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