“On This Day” (years ago) Feb 24th. 2009, 2010, 2013 & 2014

First photo from 2009 at Water Orton and 56303, then Bromsgrove in 2010 sees 66105 running down and entering the old station. A treat at Stourbridge in 2014 was 37605 on a test train, thinking about it – haven’t seen a test train round here for ages! The SVR photo shows 1501 at Arley in 2013.

A few hours at Water Orton and 56303 is seen, and plenty more photos in the gallery.

56303 Water Orton. 24/02/08

A visit to Bromsgrove in 2010 and only one loco photographed, 66105, bit of a wasted journey really. I obviously went there to see something, either didn’t run or I missed it!

66105 Bromsgrove. 24/02/10

Looks like a test train, led by 37605, paused at Stourbridge for a crew change.

37605 Stourbridge. 24/02/14

Over to Arley at the SVR in 2013 and 1501 amongst the trains seen. Looking at the photos from that day, I travelled at the rear of the DMU from Kidderminster.

1501 Arley. 24/02/13

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