Update 158. 2Z03 – 57601 and WCRC saloon at Old Hill on a Slough to Swindon working

Didn’t expect to see this, the only working of interest down the “Dark Side” this week. I only had one appointment during the week, for a physiotherapy session at the local hospital at 13.30 – which was just a few minutes before the train was due to arrive at Rowley Regis goods loop. It was booked to leave at 14.03 but would I get to the station before the train???

I even tried to alter the time of my appointment, but nothing else available this week. Fortunately I was out by 13.50 and reached the station just a couple of minutes before the train.

Old Hill must be one of the worst stations for photography on a dull day, as there are so many trees blocking the light, if nothing else, a challenge! Still, at least I saw & photographed the train.

Link to photos

One photo here:-

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