Over 6 months and no posts!!!!!

Some people who know me are aware of the reason why – a house move.

38 years in a 4-bedroom house with steep drive, big garden and a tall hedge was getting too much – so we decided to downsize. Trouble is, what to do with all the stuff you accumulate over such a long time!! A couple of large skips were filled with “rubbish”? Some items sold on ebay, others given away or taken to charity shops, and the rest put into store.

Now moved in to bungalow, flat garden, no stairs or hedge to trim, should make life a bit easier. Maybe I can find more time for trains and filming in the coming weeks and start posting in the blog and uploading photos again.

2 thoughts on “Over 6 months and no posts!!!!!

  1. Andrew Hadley

    Surely you need to be emptying boxes, clearing out the ‘lock up’ and removing your stuff/junk from various garages before going out anywhere !!!! #justsaying…?

  2. Sharpo Post author

    Look here Dear Boy, I’m trying to get back into a routine again. It ay easy tryin’ to remember passwords and all that malarkey. Got ’em all written down somewhere. Might need a hand with a filing cabinet if you’m free in’t afternoon sometime?

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