Unit Photos in Blog, mostly Dorridge 08/01/20

Other posts have linked to the video or photos in the gallery, but here are the photos in the blog. I will do a blog post tomorrow for the locos seen.

Photos below suitable for mobile or tablet.

153361 and 170270 Birmingham Snow Hill, Cardiff Canton – Tyseley

170270 and 153361 Birmingham Snow Hill, Cardiff Canton – Tyseley

Voyager, 1V85 Edinburgh – Reading

165011, 2L41 Birmingham Moor Street – Leamington

Voyager, 1E36 Southampton – Newcastle

172219, 2W76 Stratford – Stourbridge Junction

172217, 2W76 Stratford – Stourbridge Junction

168109, 1H44 Birmingham Snow Hill – Marylebone

168112, 1G23 Marylebone – Birmingham Snow Hill

Voyager, 1O86 Newcastle – Southampton

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