Photos and Video, 68004 and 88005, Cradley Heath 20/02/20

The sun was shining and I thought I’d have a wander down the station to see the Berkeley, as it had an 88 on it. As I waited another train arrived with 153334 and 153365 on the rear, so I filmed them as well. Not brilliant as there’s not much room on that platform and the lamp posts don’t help. Tossed a coin, into the sun or from the other platform – always a gamble, but at least the unit was part way down the platform and didn’t block too much of the view.

Had though of going to Old Hill, but the stopper was cancelled – crew shortage or something like that.

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2 thoughts on “Photos and Video, 68004 and 88005, Cradley Heath 20/02/20

  1. Sharpo Post author

    Yes, it was early through Hartlebury and I hurried to the station, but noticed a unit had a green to pull out of the loop – so panic over. Pleased Steve still seeing a few trains.

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