KC has some teeth out!!

We’ve never managed to keep her teeth clean and plaque was taking its toll. About 7 years ago she had to spend a day at the vet for a descale and nearly 7 years later the time had come again. At a recent check up with the vet, it was pointed out that her breath was very bad, we did know!! She was then booked in for another descale.

When we collected her in the afternoon the vet showed us three teeth that had to be removed. One did look very bad with a hole through the side of it. Fortunately she didn’t look too upset and as soon as she was back home she was eating her food. Her mouth obviously wasn’t causing her any problems following the removal of the 3 teeth.

4 thoughts on “KC has some teeth out!!

  1. Sharpo Post author

    Cheers Roger, yes, she’s fine thanks, went back for a checkup Saturday and she has no further problems. Have to take her back again on Friday for a final check, they do take good care of her. Doesn’t come cheap though!!!

  2. Andrew Hadley

    Poor KC….the cats (the boys having had to have teeth removed themselves) send her their best ….

  3. Sharpo Post author

    Not much fun for her, but she didn’t seem to mind going back for her checkup. She says thanks to the cats!!

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